I have been creating portrait, landscape and figurative painting commissions for clients around the globe, for several years. The variety of requirements always create a new artistic journey for me which I relish in every creative venture.

The paintings are created in oil paint on canvas and I have created projects from small to extra large scale for installation. My most popular requests are for portraits. I have also created many emotive landscapes and abstract paintings for clients too. One of my challenges was to create four portraits of famous London personalites for an interior design project in London, my oil paintings are displayed in an exclusive property in London, you can see on of the paintings here of beloved Rowan Atkinson . I was thrilled to get this opportunity to paint these charistmatic people and given the challenge to paint them in a more classical style than my usual.

Here are some sizes from small to large scale that have worked very well for clients.

39 cm x 46 cm small scale ideal for a personalized portrait.

50cm x 60 cm small scale ideal for portrai or a landscape.

60 cm x 70 cm medium scale

60 cm x 80 cm An ideal medium scale landscape format.

80 cm x 70 cm A nice medium to large scale portrait format.

100 cm x 100 cm An ideal large scale size for a powerful portrait or landscape.

120 cm x 100 cm An excellent size for a large scale landscape, portrait or figurative work.

I’ve found that for the client it helps if they really try to familiarize themselves with my style and work and my inspirations, in order for them to imagine how there painting could be , however in art there is always the elemnt of surprise, spontaneity and creativity.How will the artist interpret your ideas, there’s only one way to find out, so get in touch with me and discuss your ideas.

If you would like to commision me feel free to contact me to discuss your idea further.


Dame Judi Dench Commision Portrait Painting

Commissioned painting of Dame Judi Dench for interior design project in London by Charley Jones (charleyispainting) completed in January 2021

oil on hand stretched canvas 70 cm x 60 cm 

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