Album cover collabortion . July 2020

I am so happy to fulfill a dream and have my paintings used for an album cover, more so that it is such amazing music a fusion of Ancestral Brazilian , jazz and electro .Follow the link below or go to 'Capoeira & Brazilian Experimental' Band Camp page .

All of these works are available in high quality signed prints contact me directly .

Charleyispainting recieves Arts Council support May 2020

I am pleased to share that after many years of applying for a grant to further my painting development of creative practise we finally got support from the Arts Council England .This has enabled me to continue painting so intensively in these difficult times we are all experiencing. 

               I have been able to use the small grant to keep up with materials and running costs . I also strongly feel as am sure other artists will empathize that although we strive to be self driven and assured in our work and ourselves as much as possible, when we do gain recognition , be it from someone collecting your work , or like this recieving support from an organisation for your venture it gives us a huge boost . So, thankyou Arts Council England ! Stay tuned for more news of some exciting recent collaborations.

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